Promethean Delivers 25kg Sample for Customer Trials

Published September 30, 2022

Promethean Particles is pleased to announce that a trial quantity of 25 kilograms of alumininium fumarate (AIFu), an innovative metal-organic framework (“MOF”), has been manufactured at its site in Nottingham and delivered to a customer for application development testing. The results of the initial tests have been wholly positive, with high levels of performance achieved in the customer’s application.

MOFs have numerous advantageous properties that means they can utilised for a number of different applications. Ever since MOFs were first discovered more than 30 years ago, there have been challenges in terms of cost effectiveness and an inability to manufacture MOFs at an industrial scale. Promethean’s unique and proprietary manufacturing process allows this exciting class of materials to be readily available for use in multiple sectors, at unprecedented low cost and at the quantities necessary for industrial applications. One of the key challenges the Company is now focused on is climate change mitigation, and the team are working to test the use of MOFs in a number of different applications, including carbon capture and storage (“CCS”). Testing of the MOFs in carbon capture systems has progressed rapidly and is now in the advanced stages. A small-scale pilot plant has already built and testing completed. Further pilot plants of increasing scale are currently in development and ready to be tested by Promethean and its customer partners that are looking to integrate CCS into their existing operations.

James Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer of Promethean, commented: “We are always extremely pleased to have customers express this level of interest with respect to MOFs. With some of the historical challenges with respect to scale and pricing, MOFs are typically talked about in the grams, or even micrograms. Although 25kg doesn’t sound a lot, it is a big step forward and the conversations with this customer have now moved on to the tonne scale. In parallel, we have seen significant interest from a number of potential customers, both in the UK and elsewhere, for MOFs for various applications. We are proud that our process is now making MOFs in a cost-effective manner, allowing these materials to fulfil their potential.”

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