Promethean Adds State of the Art Breakthrough Analyser to its Carbon Capture Capabilities

Published January 15, 2023

Promethean Particles is excited to announce that it has received and installed a new, cutting-edge piece of gas analysis equipment, termed a Breakthrough Analyser (BTA), at its site in Nottingham, UK. The Breakthrough Analyser has been manufactured and patented by Micromeritics and has a number of innovative features that will allow Promethean to measure the gas uptake of its metal-organic frameworks (“MOFs”).

The BTA represents a dynamic environment that is more representative of real-world conditions for carbon capture and other gas separation applications. The system is believed to be one of very few, if not the only, installation in the United Kingdom. There are several key advantages the Breakthrough Analyser brings that will significantly enhance Promethean’s material characterisation processes. The BTA is configurable with up to six precision mass flow controllers and two vapour sources. These allow the Company’s lab technicians to alter the gas stream conditions to which the MOFs are exposed, ensuring the capture of gas is optimised as much as possible. Additionally, the small sample scale of the BTA equipment provides increased flexibility and facilitates quicker analysis turnaround times.

James Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer of Promethean, commented: “The receipt and successful installation of the cutting-edge Breakthrough Analyser at our site in Nottingham is an important step for Promethean. It represents a significant investment in the advancement of capabilities and is already seen as a positive indicator of progress by our customers. The BTA will allow us to test our MOFs under different environmental conditions, thus proving them as a viable solution for carbon capture, not only in the UK but globally. Additionally, the speed in which this process is completed, means that the time spent on the research and development aspect of our testing is significantly reduced. We would like to thank Micromeritics for their support, and we look forward to working with them in the future as we advance our manufacturing scale.”

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