Improving the healthcare industry

Nanomaterials are used in various applications in the healthcare and medical device industries. Applications include bioceramic implant devices (bones and teeth), bone scaffolds, coatings for medical devices, biomedical imaging, drug carriers, biosensing, water purification, antimicrobial applications and many others.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has focused our activities on trying to utilise Promethean Particle’s technology to assist in slowing the spread of this deadly disease. We are actively engaged in the production of nanoparticles to improve the performance of existing and new materials.

Copper nanoparticles have been widely reported to impart antimicrobial properties and we are now even demonstrating antiviral performance. Our copper nanoparticles can be incorporated into coatings, composites or textiles to improve antibacterial and antiviral performance in a variety of healthcare applications – from facemasks to coatings for commonly touched surfaces.

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We are researching the use of copper nanoparticles for antiviral properties in fabrics and personal protective equipment.