Earlier this month, Promethean Particles Ltd. exhibited at the CHEMUK 2019 Expo in Harrogate, UK. The 2-day event -the first year of its running – took place on the 1st and 2nd of May and saw over 2,100 visitors attend the tradeshow; this was on top of the 360 exhibitors present from 170 different companies.

Promethean’s Research Scientist, Dr Jack Turner, presented a talk on our capabilities in the industrial-scale manufacture of nanomaterials, as well as our development work on Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs). These novel materials are drawing much attention from the scientific community because of their exceptionally high surface areas (typically 2000-3000 m2/g), making them ideal candidates for catalysis, gas filtration, H2 storage and CO2 capture and storage. Jack’s talk – which highlighted Promethean’s ability to manufacture MOFs at large-scale to make them a cost-effective, industrially viable technology – drew a huge amount of interest and resulted in a long queue of people forming at our exhibition booth, all eager to find out more!

Promethean’s unique manufacturing technology produces dispersions of nanomaterials, rather than dry powders. Our liquid-state products mean there aren’t the inhalation or exposure risks associated with fine particulates, as there are for dry-powder techniques. Moreover, the dispersed nanoparticles are less likely to aggregate than in dry powder form, meaning easier downstream formulation and better performing products.

At our exhibition booth, we had brought along one of our lab-scale reactor systems to demonstrate our novel process, as well as various samples of our nanomaterial products; these included Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2), Cerium Dioxide (CeO2), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) and a selection of our MOFs (ZIF-8, ZIF-67, CPO-27(Ni), CPO-27(Zn), and HKUST-1).

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our Online Store where many of these nanomaterials can now be purchased directly in a range of pack sizes, and new products will continue to be added throughout the year. To browse the Store, please visit: https://prometheanparticles.co.uk/shop/