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Promethean & the Printed Electronics industry

In the upcoming weeks, we will focus on one industry per week to feature some materials that Promethean can provide for these specific industries and their potential end-use applications.

Printed electronics is normally categorized into three families:

  • Conductors: constitute the biggest volume of a printed circuit
  • Semi-conductors: allow you to build logic in the printed circuit (transistors – switches, diodes etc.)
  • Dielectrics: are there to boost the electric content to allow lower voltage applications and for certain components like capacitors

In the printed electronics industry, nanomaterials would be used to target applications in which a reduced particle size provides a fundamental advantage either by means of enhanced performance, reduced cost or preferably both.

So what are the goals within the printed electronics market?

  • Enabling flexible substrates
  • Lowering curing/sintering temperatures
  • Accessing new potential for roll to roll systems
  • Uncapping a most cost effective material and production process
  • Enhancing current performances or enabling new performances

Check out our “printed electronics” page on our website to discover some of the materials we offer: nano-copper, nano-silver, barium titanate, indium doped zinc oxide, nickel etc.

Remember that we also offer feasibility study to explore a potential material of interest or look at a current material to enhance its properties or look at the production process to make it more cost-effective and quicker! Get in touch with us for further information.