Promethean Particles’ Technical Director, Ed Lester, will give a presentation later this month at a webinar hosted by the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining.

Nano4EVs – Latest developments in battery technologies’ takes place on November 17, 2020. The webinar will raise awareness of new developments in nanomaterials and nanosurfaces in the area of electrical energy storage. Key themes will include environmentally friendly solutions, light weighting, performance, and connections.

Ed Lester’s talk, ‘Sustainable industrial-scale manufacture of nanomaterials for energy storage’will begin at 10.45am.

Ed said: “As the world strives to be more sustainable, there is a need for better energy storage technology. Nanomaterials have a crucial role to play in that they can be constructed in many ways to enhance the performance of energy storage devices.

“Promethean’s unique nanomaterial manufacturing process is itself sustainable, bringing another dimension to the wider discussion. It’s an exciting time to be involved in nanoparticles for energy storage and my presentation will explore how some key challenges to implementing nanomaterials can be overcome.” 

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