Leading UK nanomaterials manufacturer, Promethean Particles, is kickstarting its exhibition programme with two virtual events to demonstrate its latest advances in Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and nanomaterials for textiles, carbon capture and packaging applications.

MOF2020WEB has been taking place online this week, while next month, October 15-30, the Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show will go live.

Dr Selina Ambrose, Technical Manager at Promethean Particles, said: “It’s great to be once again able to meet with customers, albeit virtually, and show delegates the exciting developments that we have been focused on in recent months. By going virtual, these events present an open platform for industry experts to pool knowledge together, network and connect from homes and offices around the world.

“We look forward to being able to share our knowledge and support existing and new customers to create nano solutions that can really make a difference to the performance of their final product and supply chain.”

At MOF 2020WEB, Promethean Particles will showcase its development of MOFs for CO2 adsorption within air conditioning units. Collaborating with a company in Asia, Promethean was tasked with further developing and transitioning a MOF, that had good CO2 properties and was originally produced for the company using a batch process, to its scalable, continuous-flow process.

During the Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show, the Promethean team will present its development of nanoparticles for use in fabrics and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

Promethean Particles was approached by a European company seeking to enhance the functionality and performance of its range of coatings, for shoes and textiles. Working closely with the customer to ensure the materials were tailored to their specific needs, Promethean has supplied a range of nanoparticles as coatings additives to the company for testing. These include copper, zinc oxide and zirconium dioxide, to deliver antimicrobial, UV blockingand other protective properties. 

During the show, Dr Ambrose will also discuss the findings of the ACTIn project during a panel session that will be broadcast during the event, hosted by the World Textile Information Network (WTiN).

Promethean Particles played a key role in the collaboration which saw Mexican and UK companies and research institutes successfully develop antimicrobial textiles for the healthcare sector. By embedding nano-copper into polymer fibres, such as nylon, via a melt extrusion process, it was found that the antimicrobial effect lasted longer than other similar antimicrobial fabrics on the market; existing solutions tend to be surface-coated and therefore lose functionality with each wash.

Visitors to both events are required to register prior to them commencing.

For MOF 2020, visit: https://dechema.de/MOF2020web.html

For Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show, visit: https://vts.wtin.com/register