Promethean Expands Capability to Serve Carbon Capture Customers

Published August 2, 2022

Promethean Particles is pleased to announce the promotion of Dr. Jack Turner to the newly created position of Application Development Manager, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Jack’s previous role was as a Senior Technical Scientist within the R&D team where he led the company’s efforts with respect to the understanding, evaluation and bench-scale continuous synthesis of various metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

“We don’t typically advertise internal role changes within the company, however in this case Jack’s promotion not only recognises his strong contributions, but also signifies an important milestone for Promethean and our customers,” said James Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer at Promethean. “The pressing need for us to focus on application development underlines the shift we are seeing from customers who are now actively evaluating MOFs for carbon capture as a viable industrial solution.”

Promethean adjusted its strategy a little over a year ago. Originally positioned as a broad nanomaterial technology platform, it shifted its focus towards the industrial scale production of cost-effective MOFs to deliver a more energy-efficient carbon capture solution than current alternatives. In that time, the company has seen an order of magnitude shift in the number of active projects and importantly in the scale of the requests.

“The world still typically talks about MOFs using milligrams or grams for units,” added Jack. “However, through the rapid progress we have made, we now have numerous opportunities at the multi-tonne scale. We are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with MOFs, both in terms of their production, but also their performance. We like to say here that ‘not all MOFs are created equally’ and the combination of our proprietary continuous manufacturing process and the know-how we have developed as a team is yielding MOFs with performance we haven’t seen reported anywhere else.”

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