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Press release: Production rate of 1kg+/minute of MIL-53 by Promethean Particles

MIL-53 Metal Organic Framework (MOF) production at commercial scale (40kg+/h) by Promethean Particles Ltd

Promethean Particles has the world’s largest continuous multi-material nanoparticle manufacturing plant.

Following the launch of its full scale nanomaterial facility in Nottingham (over 1000 tons per year capacity), UK-nanoparticle manufacturer Promethean Particles is demonstrating its full scale commercial production capabilities by producing a selection of key products.

Promethean has now produced the Metal Organic Framework material (MOF), aluminum terephthalate most commonly called MIL-53 (Al), which is used in next generation gas adsorption, gas storage, gas separation and healthcare applications.

Potential applications:

Gas storage (from hydrogen storage to the capture and storage of carbon dioxide)

Gas separation – a nanobarrier to selectively separate contaminants from a feed/product line

Chemical sensing – creating high surface areas for molecular sensors


Incredibly high specific surface area (typically >2,000 m2/g) which is available within the porous 3D structure of the MOF)

Can be produced at all scales with a production capacity of 40kg+/h (or 250-1000 tons per year for MOF materials).

Cost of production dramatically reduced due to the increased scalability

Opportunities for continued development by commercial and academic groups thanks to the large scale supply

Other metal-ligand combinations are also available

Technical Manager Dr. Pete Gooden commented, “The academic community has generated a huge range of MOF materials which show great potential for application within many gas storage applications. However, the lack of availability of large quantities of material at a reasonable price has hindered this potential from being realized. Promethean’s plant facility allows MOF materials to be produced at multi-ton scale – this will allow pilot studies to test whether the use of MOFs for CO2 capture for example, is a realistic possibility.”

All materials produced are available for sale. If you are looking at something more specific, Promethean Particles has long term experience in running feasibility studies as per its customers’ requirements. For more information on potential material solutions or pricing, please get in touch with our sales team at [email protected] or +44(0)115 9678119.