New XRD Analytical Capability Speeds Time to Market

Published June 30, 2021

Promethean Particles (or “Promethean” or the “Company”), the UK-based, leading global provider of industrial scale, cost-effective nanomaterials, is pleased to announce that it procured and installed a benchtop X-Ray Diffractometer (“XRD”) manufactured by Rigaku at the Company’s site in Nottingham, UK.

The XRD is a critical piece of technology for the Company as it analyses the crystal structure of a sample, helping the Company to understand if the material produced in our patented continuous-flow reactors is the structure we are targeting. Having the correct crystal structure is a critical indicator during the synthesis of metal-organic frameworks (“MOFs”), that we are scaling for commercial applications in areas of the energy transition, such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and water harvesting.

Prior to the procurement, Promethean was sub-contracting XRD analyses, which led to turnaround times of up to a week. This new in-house capability now provides results in just 15 minutes, accelerating our ability to identify and develop MOFs as we progress towards commercial production.

James Stephenson, Chief Executive Officer of Promethean, commented: “The installation of the XRD at our site significantly improves our effectiveness in the development and manufacture of MOFs. Our proprietary production method allows us to rapidly generate many samples from a multitude of process conditions. Having our own XRD reduces the time for us to understand the impact of each change, facilitating faster optimisation. Investing in tools and equipment that shorten our time to market is an important part of our strategy as we continue to explore the multitude of commercial applications that will benefit from the utilisation of MOFs.”

Figure 1: XRD peaks of HKUST-1 MOF. The sharp nature of the peaks indicate a strongly crystallne material, consistent with what we would expect to see from HKUST-1 MOF.

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