Carbon Capture On A Grander Scale

Unleashing the power of metal-organic
frameworks (MOFs) to enable cost-effective,
energy-efficient, industrial-scale carbon capture

Beyond CO2 Uptake

Determining the industrial viability of
metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for
carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications


Our cost-effective MOFs can be produced
at scale to help meet the demand for new
carbon capture technology


Our proprietary and patented continuous-flow
process delivers MOFs and other nanomaterials
at unprecedented scale and cost-effectiveness


We’re removing the constraints that have
restricted the broad adoption of nanomaterials
to meet today’s biggest challenges

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Pioneering a Paradigm Shift

Changing attitudes to climate change are driving more action to implement decarbonisation solutions.
Carbon capture & storage (CCS) is now deemed an essential tool in the fight against global warming. Existing CCS processes have significant limitations, slowing the adoption of this potentially planet-saving technology. MOFs have exhibited significant potential as a new CCS solution, but have been constrained by a lack of scale and high costs. Promethean, through its proprietary continuous flow manufacturing processes and patented reactor systems, is finally unleashing the potential of MOFs for CCS and other critical applications.

Carbon Capture is now deemed essential

A necessity to meet global decarbonisation targets

Incumbent technology has limitations

Amine-based systems are burdened with high energy penalties, footprint restrictions and EH&S concerns

MOFs have shown a lot of historical promise

An exciting class of materials but have been constrained due to a lack of scale and prohibitive costs

Promethean’s tech unleashes MOFs’ potential

Overcomes historical barriers, uniquely enabling industrial scale, cost-effective MOFs

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