Dr Selina Ambrose from Promethean Particles to present at NIA Annual Symposium

The myths and reality of nanomaterials will be deliberated by Dr Selina Ambrose of Promethean Particles at the Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) Annual Symposium 2020, held next month.

In a presentation titled ‘Drivers for SME Communication & Marketing of Nanomaterials’, Dr Ambrose will explore how nanotechnology is perceived differently across market sectors and how its use and benefits are communicated in the media. She will also discuss how those working in the nanotechnology space have a key role to play in ensuring the dissemination of accurate information to consumers and wider industry.

“Communicating the science effectively is central to the public image of nanomaterials,” said Dr Ambrose. “It is in our interest to ensure the perception of nanotechnology is a positive one in order to encourage investment and take-up by companies around the world.

“Mainstream news must be balanced and informed with the opportunities nanotechnology presents to today’s society. There are many myths surrounding safety and handling which find their way into news reporting and too often, a focus on the potential risks and complexities nanomaterials can bring.”

Dr Ambrose is the Technical Manager at Promethean Particles. She is responsible for overseeing all R&D activity by the company which is the global leader in continuous flow nanoparticle manufacturing.

The company’s Nottingham site is home to the world’s largest multi-material nanomaterial plant of its kind and its team of scientists and researchers has developed a unique manufacturing process that enables the company to produce high-specification inorganic nanomaterials as liquid dispersions to markets for the production of current and next-generation products.

Its novel, patented continuous-flow reactor design, as opposed to batch processes, enables nanomaterial manufacturing to be scaled up without the usual surge in operating costs. It offers a comprehensive, economically viable method of production which is reproducible, safe, cost-effective and truly innovative.

The NIA’s 9th Annual Symposium takes place in Brussels, Belgium on March 18, 2020. The event brings together people involved in the development and application of nanotechnology from both academic and industrial fields.

For more information about Promethean Particles please visit promethean.solutioserver.com