Chemistry World Discusses Promethean’s Continuous Flow Nanomaterial Process

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Published October 29, 2021

Promethean’s new business development manager, Chris Simmons, and technical manager, Selina Ambrose, recently sat down with Vanessa Zainzinger for Chemistry World. The article discusses the benefits of Promethean’s proprietary continuous flow manufacturing method for nanomaterial production and why this is helping advance the adoption of nanomaterials in industrial applications.

A key feature of continuous flow hydrothermal/solvothermal synthesis (CFHS) are dispersion-based products. Chris and Selina explain why these help overcome three main barriers to nanomaterial adoption;

  • A perception that nanomaterials are not readily available in large scale quantities. This excludes them from larger industrial applications
  • A belief that nanomaterials are prohibitively expensive. This is often perpetuated by nanomaterial manufacturers. Where lower capacities exist, higher prices are required to support their costs
  • A view that nanomaterials are difficult to formulate with. Often, this is based on prior experiences trying to formulate with powder-based materials.

Chris was a formulator earlier in his career. As such, he was able to relate his first-hand experiences and the challenges he previoulsy faced. This is why he is so excited to be working at Promethean. Our proprietary process helps overcome these barriers. In turn, this allows the many benefits of nanomaterials to be more braodly exploited. Selina was able to provide commentary from her extensive background in continuous flow hydrothermal synthesis. Selina brings more than a decade of CFHS experience that started when we she was a PhD student at the University of Nottingham, working under Promethean’s founder, Prof Ed Lester.

The article goes on to discuss exciting developments at Promethean. In particular, it mentions our work on manufacturing metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for use in carbon capture applications, as well as our demonstration work with Drax Power Station, that was first reported in September.

The full article can be found here. Please enjoy the article. Contact us to learn how Promethean’s continuous flow can help you meet your customers’ requirements with cost-effective, industrial scale nanomaterials.

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